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Welcome to the Testim documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides to help you get started quickly, example code snippets, and tips for being more productive. You will also find details about advanced features that allow you to customize Testim to fit your environment or special testing conditions. Don't worry, we'll support you if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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Introduction to Playground

Playground is a free service offered by Testim which enables you to generate a Playwright coded test by simply recording a user journey on the desired webpage/application. After the test is recorded, you can use the Playground codeless interface to further configure the test steps and add validations (optional). The entire test is translated into code that can be copied to your preferred IDE (Playwright environment), where you can continue editing and running the test.
Why Testim?

  • An AI-based test automation solution for creating extremely stable tests, fast.
  • Improves upon the Playwright recording by using AI-based Smart Locators to identify each element and improve stability—even when code changes.
  • A cross-browser, developer-friendly solution that integrates into your pipelines.


Playground is a free service with no sign-up or registration required.
Just download the Testim Chrome extension and get started!

This guide shows you how to use Playground to record tests and generate code that can be used in your Playwright environment.

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Introduction to Playground

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